Thomas Sol

Hi, I'm Thomas. Currently active as sales professional in the IT sector, with several years of experience.
2008 - 2017
Studies at Avans Hogeschool Breda: Communication & Multimedia Design

Boosting my creativity, and technical skills, this education has led to a set of skills, which I can now use to translate my creative thinking into perceptible output.

My strenghts concerning this area include UX-design, conceptual thinking, and creating visual output.
2011 - 2015
4 years experience as a commercial employee at Venderion. Lead generation specialist.

My task was to initiate first contact with potential new clients, manage relationships, and plan meetings,

Later, I focused on reapproaching lost opportunities to achieve new leads and manage contacts with existing clients.
2015 - Today
2 years experience as a commercial projectleader and management trainee at Venderion.

My task is to manage commercial projects,in which our role is lead-generation for our clients. For this service, I am also a coach & trainer of our commercial team of parttimers.

In my role I manage relations with existing clients of different services within the company.
Passion for mixing drinks and 19th & early 20th century cocktails
Enjoys a classical concert, preferably late-Romantic period
Plays the (bass) guitar
Has a movie theater gold card
Boardgame fanatic, and determined to win
Can solve a Rubik's under 1.5 minutes, the 5x5 takes a bit longer
Avoiding elevators since April 2017
Bucket list involves visiting every capital cities of Europe

full name Thomas Sol
date of birth 18-02-1991
place of birth Waalwijk (NL)
address Offenbachlaan 300
5654 RL Eindhoven
phone +316 3000 3757